Storm Seal®

The solution for your pipe, culvert, catch basin, and other stormwater structure rehabiliation needs:




Strong-Seal® Storm Seal®:

Introducing Storm Seal®, a specially formulated, fiber-reinforced cementitious mixture designed for rehabiliating corrugated metal pipes, culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins, and other stormwater structures.
Storm Seal® is centrifugally cast using the Strong-Seal® Systems mixer, pump, and spinner.  Storm Seal® may also be sprayed manually.

For severe deterioration, Grout 12,000 is recommended before the application of Storm Seal®.  Grout 12,000 is a high performance, self-consolidating cementitious mixture that restores the invert back to original dimensions.  The repaired invert ensures that Storm Seal is evenly applied to the stormwater structure.

Typical Properties of Storm Seal®:

Compressive Strength:  > 9000 psi

Tensile Strength:  > 800 psi

Flexural Strength:  > 1200 psi

Freeze Thaw:  After 300 cycles no visible damage

Unit Weight:  129 lb/ft3 to 139 lb/ft3

Yield:  0.57 ft3 per 65 lb bag

Specifications and Submittals:

Grout 12,000 Submittal Form

Storm Seal® Submittal Form

Storm Seal® Specifications

Storm Seal Brochure

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